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Company history

     Dongguan Tangxia town Huan Yu Terminals Co.,Ltd was established in early 2002. It was originally a Taipei Shyh Shiun Terminals Co., Ltd.,It was established in 1982 by Chairman Mr.Zheng Yun-Xin in Taipei Nan-Kung District,and moved to Shen-Keng Hsiang Taipei in 1989.

      In order to meet the needs of customers and markets, in September 1996, the Dongguan Shyh Shiun  Electronics Co,Ltd. was set up in mainland China. In order to match the trend of increasing customer orders and improving the quality of production services, the chairman of Zheng was determined to expand production scale and purchase 16800 square meters, set up a new factory in August 2002, and renamed Dongguan Shyh Hwa Electronics Co., Ltd. The same year, the original site was established in Dongguan Tangxia town HuanYu hardware and plastic factory.

      The management forms of Shyh Hwa and HuanYu are as follows: the Shyh Hwa is a wholly foreign owned enterprise, mainly doing the transfer and direct export business, the HuanYu is the general taxpayer opens the VAT invoice, mainly undertaking the development and production of the linker related connector. Such as MINI DIN, POWER DIN, POWER USB, USB, PS2. The two factories are independent and develop different markets on their own.

      After the unfortunate death of chairman Zheng, Mr. Chen has been received by his nephew, Mr. Chen Xinru. Mr. Chen, who manages the environment with his uncle's idea, has gradually shifted from the original linker related connector to the production and development of power related connectors, such as vehicle power, medical equipment, POS, aviation, waterproof, adapter, and no Line charging and other fields. At the same time, has thirty years of connector development experience, can undertake any connector design and development capacity.

      Huanyu moved from the old factory site to the current new factory in 2017, and in October 2017, Dongguan Shi Yu Jing Yan Electronics Co., Ltd. was newly established.

     Whether it is Shyh Shiun, Shyh Hwa, Huan Yu or today's Shiyu, the general manager of Chen maintains the spirit of this chairman's entrepreneurial spirit, with the most positive attitude and the most sincere heart, providing the most affordable quotation and the most intimate service to the customer, hoping to have the opportunity to become a mutual trust and mutual benefit partnership with you.

      It is our aim to provide a customer satisfied service and equivalents. We aim to create more opportunities and products for our customers.

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