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Dongguan Shiyu Electronics CO,LTD. was Established in 2002,locared in Tang Xia town,Dong Guan city of Guang Dong Procinec.And the major business is:the research&design&manufacture of computer connector and communication adaptor,the injection&dash&manufacture of terminals and plastics models.Hereinto,the principle products are:USB,MINI,DVI,IEEE1394 sets.theproducts have been sold over the zhujiang delta.

Our factory is blessed with excellent software and software.On the one hand,we have sophisticated & youthful spirited tech & management talents;on the other hand,we possess all kinds of advanced mannfacture facilities and test equipment.following the ISO9001:2015 international quality standardsand the 6s management.In addition,we have marvelous sevice after sales,advanced quality products.Therefore,through the construction and development,we have initially realized the “shifts” that is form the design&research of models to finished products,to be an middle-upgrade enterprise.

Shiyu is painstaking in improving the products quality&customers service standars,following the persisting the strategy of serving for customers,we have achieved the anytime you needed by the telephone$fax&E-mail at the first time.

Nowadays,the ethos of stressing civilization stressing science, stressing and respecting undertakings,curiousness,and making progress,obeying the operation policy become prevailing custom in our factory. Shi Yu would pays close attention to the constrction of operration management&comprehensive administration of public order as well.At the same time,we sincerely would be your best choice!!!
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