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    DONGGUAN SHIYU Electronics CO,LTD. wasEstablished in 2002,locared in Tang Xia town,Dong Guan city of Guang Dong Procinec.And the major business is:the research&design&manufacture of computer connector and communication adaptor,the injection&dash&manufacture of terminals and plastics models.Hereinto,the principle products are: POWER DIN、POWER USB、LOCK DIN、USB、MINI DIN、TERMINALS sets.theproducts have been sold over the zhujiang delta. Our factory is blessed with excellent software and software.On the one hand,we have sophisticated & youthful spirited tech & management talents;on the other hand,we possess all kinds of advanced mannfacture facilities and test equipment.following the ISO9001:2015 international quality standardsand the 6s management.In addition,we have marvelous sevice after sales,advanced quality products.Therefore,th...
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